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There are no hit and runs in recruitment. You have to take an active interest in your candidates’ journeys

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Jasmine Eng, Director, Asia

With industry experience in their area of practice, every member of the team at James Kenneth Koh walks the talk. And Jasmine is no different. As part of our pioneer team, she actually rolled up her sleeves and built James Kenneth Koh’s first database.

Jasmine was first approached to be a recruiter (by James, of course) while she was still in client management at Publicis. Back then, she thought, “Matchmaking? How difficult can it be?”. But, as she knows now, people change their minds, and soon found herself in the most challenging, creative servicing job she’d ever had. Within her first 6 months at Aquent, Jasmine was the top biller. She’d found her calling.

That being said, Jasmine will turn down jobs that she deems unsuitable for her candidates, sacrificing billings for relationships. To her, no friendship is worth sacrificing for a commission. Similarly, she does her homework when it comes to looking for potential recommendations for her clients, with a stringent selection criterion. So if Jasmine approaches you, appreciate it! You’re doing something right.

Being someone who understands the ingredients that make a perfect placement, and the calculated steps to ensure it goes well, it’s probably fitting that Jasmine’s after-work activity is baking. We’re at risk of it being her actual job too, now that Jasmine has become a professionally qualified baker, with an eventual aim of teaching baking as child-therapy.

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“It’s been a great pleasure working with Jas, as she has continuously provided our organisation with top notch candidates.”

Mark Wong, CEO, Hogarth Worldwide APAC

“Jasmine is always ready and eager to help when needed, and has an extensive network of candidates.”

Rebecca Nadilo, Chief Strategy Officer, Wunderman Thompson

“Thank you, JKK, for laying my career path. Jasmine connects with you on a professional and personal level – a consultant and a friend.”

Eileen Wong, Associate Director of Experience Strategy and Design, Johnson & Johnson Design Lab

“Jasmine is more than a headhunter or a recruiter, she transcends that job by bringing heart, soul and diligence in every hire or recommendation.”

Joseph Chua, Managing Partner, Aiken Digital

“I've worked with Jasmine as both candidate and client.”

Intan Mokhar, Former Managing Director, Jones Knowles Ritchie and BBDO Indonesia

People know me for being personable, my strong integrity and honesty.

People don’t know that I only like books with a lot of pictures!

A job I’ve had that nobody knows about is selling encyclopedias at Bookworm Club!

In 10 years, I see myself hopefully retired and baking in a professional kitchen!

I start my day by giving my son a big fat juicy kiss.

My favourite JKK moment is when we had our first kickoff meeting 10 years ago!

The best place to meet a candidate depends on which candidate I am meeting.

My mom thinks my job is helping people find jobs. Hey, she finally got it right!

My favourite song is any song by Jay Chou!

My biggest strength is being too honest.

My biggest weakness is also being too honest.

The last thing I learnt was sometimes, less is more.

My drink of choice is Pinot Grigio.

Cat or dog? Definitely dog.

My favourite quote is “The truth will set you free!”.

If I wasn’t a headhunter, I would be needing a headhunter!

The one talent I wish I had is professional singing skills!

You’ll never see me without my phone!

My work from home situation is peaceful.

My favourite time of day is wine o’clock.

The worst interview question is where do you see yourself in 10 years time?