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I help good bosses find good people, and good friends find good bosses.

Branding & Design

Sunita Sudheesan, Practice Lead, Asia

Jasmine beat James to the punch when it came to Sunita, turning her into a headhunter in her 13th year of client management in the creative industry.

Sunita is all too familiar with the feeling of being at a career crossroads, and the itch for new experiences, having herself made the switch to talent recruitment after 13 years of honing her client management skills at renowned agencies such as BBDO, DIA Brands and Landor.

And so here she is today, building careers now instead of brands. She maintains a great relationships with her clients and candidates, earning their trust with her refreshing, straight-shooting approach. She’s been there, done it for 13 years, and tells it like it is. Her goal is simple – helping good friends find good bosses.

The same desire for new experiences drives Sunita’s passion for scuba diving. Sunita counts many unique and obscure dive spots under her lead belt, the Maldives, Fiji, Raja Ampat and Malapascua – just to name a few – where she has swum alongside whale sharks, giant barracudas and thresher sharks.

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“JKK has been a long-running recruitment partner for Design Bridge Asia.”

Tom Gilbert, Executive Creative Director, Design Bridge Shanghai

“I chose to work with JKK in the first place because they are known for their strength in advertising related industries’ candidate search, and Sunita has a branding/design background.”

Rui Xu, Senior Recruiter, IDEO Shanghai

“My experience working with Sunita to explore opportunities in regional roles has been a great journey.”

Ubonwan (Lynn) Khorthavornwong, Marketing Consultant, Independent

“I’ve been working with Sunita (or, Su,as I call her) since early 2018, and she is one of the few in her industry who stands out and leaves a strong, positive impression.”

Sharon Ooi, Human Resource Director, Design Bridge Asia

“Sunita is one of those enterprising recruiters who takes the time to understand the business vision and the ambition for each department within it.”

Ambrish Chaudhry, Managing Strategy Director, Superunion Singapore

People know me for my feistiness.

When I was 12, I wanted to be a biologist.

I start my day by checking my WhatsApp messages and email.

My favourite time of day is dusk.

My favourite JKK moment is Linah pole dancing!

The best place to meet a candidate is Free the Robot.

My parents think my job is fulfilling.

My motivation is to enjoy and make full use of the one life I have.

My personal hero is my mum.

My biggest strength is empathy.

My drink of choice is Sake.

The best career advice I’ve ever received is to always strive to do something you enjoy.

My favourite book is “Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton.

You’ll never see me without my Thermos water bottle.

When I’m not at work I’m with the husband eating, exercising or watching television.

In 5 years, I see myself potentially still in recruitment!

The one talent I wish I had is a photographic memory.

My pet peeve is spitting.

Cat or dog? Dog.

The biggest sign that a job isn’t suitable for a candidate is when he/she is unhappy.

My biggest fear is dying alone.