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You’ll be surprised at how people respond to honesty.

Media, Digital & Integrated Marketing

Brenda Foong, Practice Lead, Asia

If Brenda wasn’t a headhunter, she’d probably be a public prosecutor. Which says a lot about how much she enjoys putting people where they deserve to be. Thankfully, she’s still a headhunter, and working with the good guys.

As Brenda says, “The best approach is to live it, and not put on an act.”. And lived it she has, with over 18 years in media, where she was responsible for business planning and development, being on the forefront of cutting edge media, as well as holding guardianship over some of the most evolved brands. Needless to say, she knows the ins and out of the industry.

But still, she listens to her clients for insights about their organisations that no amount of experience can teach. This allows Brenda to point both new and experienced candidates into career paths that last, and help clients find talents that stay. The listening doesn’t end there, however, as Brenda regularly checks in on her clients and candidates, just to see if they’re doing okay.

When we say Brenda listens, it’s an understatement. Brenda really listens, and that’s why she understands people. Do not play poker with Brenda – unless you have a passion for losing.

When Brenda isn’t writing the future for her clients and candidates, you’ll find her writing about her latest travel adventures – ideally on a boat. A big enthusiast of the written word and a voracious reader, Brenda counts writing the great Singaporean novel as one of the many entries to her bucket list. She has also worked on a publishing project for special needs children.

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“I enjoy working with Brenda. She has always been fast, responsive, providing comprehensive analysis of the candidates that she recommends.”

Richard Zhang, Managing Director, Initiative China

“Brenda was my compatriot in Group M. It was a very good surprise that Brenda joined JKK.”

Chye Yien, Vice President of Digital Marketing, HBO Asia

“Brenda is a rare recruiter who takes the time to hear you out and help you plan your career progression.”

Marilyn Yeong, Senior Manager of Market Development & New Revenue, Scoot

“I’ve had a great experience working with Brenda.”

Khurush Madon, Associate Vice President/Regional Head of Digital and COE, FWD Insurance

“I have been working with Brenda for some time now and I am very impressed with her meticulousness in screening and recommending the 'best fit for the role candidate'.”

Swapna Nayak, Regional Managing Partner, IPG Mediabrands APAC

People know me for my honesty and humour. My good old buddies know they can rely on me to tell it like it is. I think if you can’t handle the truth, then don’t ask.

People don’t know that I once told someone he had terrible BO. I was prepared to get punched. That person thankfully took my advice and got himself some lovely smelling deodorant. We’re such good friends now.

A job I’ve had that nobody knows about is cutting banana leaves as placemats for ang ku kuehs. It was definitely illegal child labour because I was only eight. My mum was being cheap. I was paid only couple of dollars for hours of work, while she made plenty from her home catering business.

When I was 12, I wanted to be a National Geographic photojournalist.

In 10 years, I see myself still working! But hopefully conducting interviews from my boat, which will have excellent Wi-Fi connection for video-conferencing (or perhaps VR meetings!).

I start my day by watering my many house plants. My kaffir lime plant once came very close to dying when I went away on holiday. I didn’t realise how attached I was to it, so I was very upset with myself for being so thoughtless.

My favourite time of day is the couple of hours before sunrise, where i can hear myself think again amidst the peace and quiet.

My parents think my job is confusing. It’s been years now, and they still think I ought to be looking for a job myself, and not for others!

My favourite song is Rock with You by MJ.

The last person I spoke to on the phone was my amazing maternal aunt in Toronto. She video-chats me ever so often, and showed me her tomato and pepper plants last night. My uncle Steve recently passed away from a tragic accident, which is why I make sure I never fail to pick up her calls, so she knows I’m always there for her.

The last text I sent was a thumbs-up emoji to my dad. He’s been reporting his meal plans to me after suffering a stroke a couple of years ago. I hope he’s not lying cos I thought I saw some fatty siew yoke in his video tonight!

The last thing I learnt was to stop worrying so much and write freely with pictures in your mind. I was so happy when my writing professor gave my latest travel essay a grunt of approval.

My drink of choice is iced cold club soda. I love fizzy water, it’s just a bit fancy isn’t it.

I’m currently reading The Best of Mekong Review. It’s a collection of essays and reviews from the obscure quarterly literary journal. The writers are fearless and it’s fuelling me to be and do the same one day.

My favourite book is The Malaysian Journey by Rehman Rashid. I shed a tear when he died. He had such mixed feelings about his country and its people.

My pet peeve is humans who chomp loudly while eating. It’s unnerving and nasty. Close your mouths, people!

Cat or dog? Doggo for sure. I cried buckets when my dog passed on, and have not been able to bring myself to adopt another since.

If I wasn’t a headhunter, I would be a public prosecutor. I’d be quite poor but putting people where they belong would be satisfying.

My biggest fear is being eaten by a shark. No, I would die from a heart attack anyways if one swam right up to me with its awful teeth.

My favourite quote is “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” — Seth Godin.