References - Francesco Lagutaine

Francesco Lagutaine "I love working with James. It may be because of his amazing strike rate… Since my time at Citi and now in my role at Manulife, I have been hiring 2 out of 3 of the candidates he has introduced to me and importantly, they are still some of my best people years after I hired them. It may because he really listens… and when he talks he has generally helped me reframe my initial instincts to get me to a better solution. It may be because he is really responsive… the core of the super successful Citi design team was built on a search that lasted four days because we were really in a hurry… Or maybe it’s because he’s just a really really nice guy. In any case, when it comes to design and creative, he’s the only recruiter in my address book"
Francesco Lagutaine,
SVP, Head of Marketing & Experience Design
Manulife Financial Asia Limited